Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center


October 23, 1989


The objective of Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center is to support creation and promotion of urban-oriented industries, to enhance management capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises in Osaka City and to contribute healthy economic development of Osaka as a whole.

Basic Fund

199.1 million yen.


1989. 10 Established Urban Industry Promotion Center
1990. 07 Opened Shimaya Business Incubator
1993. 04 Opened Techno Core Center (Techno Park Tsuneyoshi)
1999. 02 Opened Techno Seeds Izuo
1999. 02 Opened iMedio, Incubator for Multimedia Industry Osaka
2000. 03 Received qualification as a core support organization (CHUKAKUTEKI SHIEN KIKAN) under the Act for the Promotion of the Creation of New Businesses (SHIN JIGYO SOUSYUTSU SOKUSHIN HOU).
2001. 01

Opened Business Innovation Center Osaka

Received qualification as a small and medium-sized enterprise support center under Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Support Act (CHU-SHO KIGYO SHIEN HOU)

Succeeded former Osaka Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Guidance Center (OSAKA-SHI CHU-SHO KIGYO SHIDO CENTER) and opened as Osaka Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Support Center (OSAKA-SHI CHU-SHO KIGYO SHIEN CENTER)

2003. 05 Opened Ogimachi Incubation Plaza Mebic Ogimachi
2004. 11 Opened Robot Laboratory at The Osaka Station 3 Building
2011. 03 Relocated Mebic Ogimachi and renamed it to Creative Network Center Osaka Mebic Ogimachi.
2012. 04 Made a transition to a public interest incorporated foundation (KOUEKI ZAIDAN HOUJIN)
2013. 04 Renamed Robot Laboratory to Business Collaboration & Support Square 316