Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center

The objective of Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center is to support creation and promotion of urban-oriented industries, to enhance management capabilities of small and medium-sized enterprises in Osaka City and to contribute healthy economic development of Osaka as a whole.

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Small and Medium-sized Business Support

Business Innovation Center Osaka(BICO)

Business Innovation Center Osaka provides various services useful for business management such as management consulting, seminars and business schools, business meetings and networking opportunities.
In collaboration with other organizations, Business Innovation Center Osaka is aiming to be the all-in-one service center to solve Ames management challenges.

Outline of Other Projects

Creation Support Service for Global Innovation

Osaka Innovation Hub, a support hub for global innovation, aims to make the most of what Osaka and Kansai can offer by bringing in people, information, and fund from home and abroad to create and support projects that lead to new products and services. Based on accumulation of various manufacturing industries in Osaka, Osaka Innovation Hub is aiming to produce people with unique and competitive technologies and businesses considering commercialization of technologies, to support commercialization of new technologies, and to build and share international networks.

The vision of Osaka Innovation Hub is to become a business center where new projects continuously evolve and the globally competitive innovations are generated.

* Osaka Urban Industry Promotion Center has been entrusted with “Creation Support Service for Global Innovation” by Osaka city, along with Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International, Sun Bridge Global Ventures, and Osaka Urban Innovation Institute.

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Osaka Knowledge Frontier Project

The objective of this project is to create new businesses and industries by promoting development and commercialization of products based on the innovative research and technologies and by supporting highly skilled venture companies. One of the program is “Project Make” which promotes basic researches at universities and research facilities to more applied level and to practical applications.

On the other hand, “Hands-on Support” program is about creating the optimal business model for newborn venture R&D companies by engaging in their business operations. These projects are designed to establish innovative environment in Osaka and Kansai region, and to develop the economic society sustainably into the future.

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Facility Operation Projects

Incubator for Multimedia Industry Osaka -iMedio

iMedio is an incubation facility designed to promote and develop digital media industries in Osaka. It provides incubation offices, studios with the latest equipment for creative production, seminars on web technology, programming, and video editing, and its website supporting relating businesses.

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Creative Network Center Osaka -Mebic Ogimachi

Mebic Ogimachi is the support center established by Osaka City Economic Affairs Bureau in May 2003 (and moved to the current location on May 23, 2011) and is working to strengthen creative industries in Osaka. The aim of this facility is to create new community where creators can build their network by meeting each other face to face.

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Techno Seeds Izuo

Techno Seeds Izuo is a rental factory that supports fundamental technology industries in Osaka and offers a pleasant working environment for small and medium-sized enterprises. This 24-hour facility is equipped with a variety of rental spaces suitable for companies of different sizes. The target tenants include individuals and corporations in small and medium-sized manufacturing, software, design and engineering industries.

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