Business Innovation Center Osaka(BICO)

Small and Medium-sized Business Support

Strengthening Business Management Support
(Management Support)

Business Innovation Center Osaka offers a variety of seminars providing basic management knowledge and trend information in 8 categories: Visions / Corporate Strategies, Organization / Personnel Management, Accounting /Finance, Business Law / Risk Management, Marketing / PR, Sales, Business Successions, and IT / Web. Intensive seminars on subjects such as “ Visions / Corporate Strategies” and “Accounting / Finance” are also available to further empower business managers and executives.

Market Expansion Support

Some of the marketing events Business Innovation Center Osaka h olds on a regular basis are exhibitions of special foods brought from all over Japan, business meetings on preset themes reflecting latest business trends, reverse-style trade fairs, and open recruitments of new business and service partners by medium and large enterprises. At “SANSOUKAN de Monitoring Research” event, small businesses can conduct surveys and group interview s on consumer monitors and take advantage of the information for their market research and development and improvement of products.


Business Innovation Center Osaka helps manufacturing companies to solve problems through projects such as “Doubling Business Opportunities Project” where Matching Navigators, experienced former employees of leading technological firms still possessing wealth of experience and networks, refer manufacture s to new marketing outlets and alliance partners. There is also “Technological Seeds Presentation” project which provides opportunities to work with universities and publicly-run research institutes.

In addition, our regular support includes seminars discussing valuable topics in manufacturing such as production management and factory improvement and technology matching meetings design ed for participants to meet best development partners.

Business Start-up Support

Business Innovation Center Osaka supports new businesses through seminars and intensive courses on knowledge and procedures required for a start-up while “Incubation Plaza RISS HIAN”provides an office space to entrepreneurs starting a business in Osaka or to small-business owners / sole proprietors expanding their business into Osaka. “ AKINAI TORA NO ANA (Business OJT)-Restaurant Management-“ intends those who want to open up a restaurants to receive a total-package support including on-the-job trainings at real restaurants and basic knowledge seminars, and meeting opportunities with venders and banks.

Consulting Support

Our experts “AKINAI KEIEI Supporters (Commerce and Management Supporters)”provide friendly consulting in various business aspects including business start-up preparation, marketing, legal issues, tax and accounting.

Public Relations

Business Information Magazine “Bplatz press”

This monthly business information magazine provides information of the Osaka business scenes featuring articles on energetic business owners and listing information of events and seminars.

Mail Magazine

Various mail magazines are available for a wide range of topics.


Business Innovation Center Osaka, as an expert of business trends in Osaka, puts out the valuable information, conducts surveys on up-to-date problems and solutions and on economic outlook in Osaka, as well as publishes statistical data collection "OSAKA NO KEIZAI (Economy in Osaka)". We also hold briefing sessions on economic trends.